Tibetan Bowls Sound Vibrational Spirit Circle

Sunday - November 10     1:30 pm - 3:00 pm
at Sacred Serenity Space
2601 70th Ave West, suite J, University Place

Spirit Circles offer a sacred time and space
for you to experience connecting to your personal
highest Light Spiritual Source.

This Spirit Circle Barbara will be sharing her Arkansas Crystal dig adventures
with us along with Crystals from the adventure!


We will also begin the Sound Bath with balancing Chakras with the ancient chants for each energy system accompanied by the associated bowl note. A great way to learn more about the energy body and a quick way to come back to balance in the daily grind.

Spirit Circles will begin with Tibetan Singing Bowls and gong session to open your chakras, clear mind clutter and relax your energy. Breathing techniques and guided meditation will assist your connection to Spirit. The Bowls and gongs can allow your healing experience to be an even greater, more powerful event.

Yoga mats available along with seating. Feel free to bring a light blanket and pillow,

Participation fee: $20 (cash or check) with RSVP to Rebekah to reserve your space by phone at (253) 777-8311 or via email at

Spirit Circles are Second Sundays at Sacred Serenity Space

Event Location: Sacred Serenity Space
Map: 2601 70th Ave West, suite J, University Place
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